hot young girl in the pool

hot young girl in the pool

He left the bar and walked around the streets of Es Grau.. It was after midnight and there were still some lights on behind the windows. He had the key in the lock when the enigmatic woman's last sentence echoed in his feverish mind.

I'll be taking a refreshing bath in my pool.

In less than expected, he saw the house. Teen Webcam Models He had to be careful not to get caught. Hidden behind hedges overlooking the garden, he watched as the woman shed her bathrobe and climbed up the stairs leading to the trampoline.

Half hidden in the bushes, he could admire her, see her stroking her satin skin. She was entertained for a while in the area of her breasts, first one and then the other, to end up pinching her nipples. He was quick to witness such an intimate act, but his legs seemed to be glued to the ground. What was the problem with watching a beautiful woman masturbate?

At that moment her hands were on her hips. His eyes were closed and his mouth was wide open, a gesture that showed he was enjoying the moment. He had to unbutton his trousers Teen Webcam Porn to prevent the buttons from being blown off. The woman gasped, as she licked her fleshy lips. Without further ado, he spread his legs decisively and put a pair of fingers inside him. He could not suppress a cry of pleasure. He had his face untied from seeing the scene in front of him. Without wasting a second, he reached into his pants with the intention Webcams Xxx Sexo Hot of easing the tension. She continued to do her thing, flapping her hips brazenly, to the rhythm of the invading fingers that came in and out of her dripping sex. He had trouble breathing, he was on the verge of orgasm. She caught up with him, uttering a heartbreaking scream that was heard throughout the garden. A couple of minutes later it was his turn; he stuck two fingers in his mouth and bit them so as not to scream. Once he finished, he pulled his pants up at lightning speed. She came out of the water and covered herself in her fluffy bathrobe. Before entering the house he turned around and stuck his pupils in the place where he was hiding. Then he walked through the door and closed the window....

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